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Ornamental Pools

Ornamental Pools are used to clean the water it contains and underwater and above-water plants; Trees and reeds that are compatible with water around cute animals such as frogs; piers, decks, stones, pebbles and rocks; It is a way of life that adds life and color to the environment where the fountains and sculptures that provide water games, that is, both natural and architectural elements, come together in harmony.

  • There is life in the garden in all seasons.
  • It means limited water consumption. Because this water is not discharged in winter, it is sufficient to add water to compensate for natural evaporation in summer.
  • Creates an ecological environment in your garden without chemicals.
  • It means low maintenance. It does not smell. Aging plants and withered flowers are cleaned, aquatic plants are pruned and separated every year in autumn and spring.
  • Thanks to the aquatic plants that establish the connection between water and the rest of the garden, a perfect harmony is achieved in the garden.
  • Water Movement and Depth; As in nature, water can flow in the form of a waterfall, a stream-waterfall, or a source that flows over rock piles in the form of mountain floods. In more complex urban applications, more unusual fountains such as thin layers, tourniquets, wall sources are preferred. The squirt does not necessarily have to be very strong, even boiling will suffice. Water depth varies according to the climate. The minimum water depth should be 1.5m.
  • Plants should be suitable for the climatic conditions of the region as well as the aquatic environment. Plants should be placed in the filter zone or regeneration zone according to their purification properties and the depth they are suitable for. In general, all plants, especially water lilies, should be kept away from large turbulence. Species should be selected based on their development and nutrient consumption (purification efficiency) in the filter area. 2 types of plant groups are used as underwater and underwater.
  • U.V. Lamp Usage; Uv lamps are recommended systems for ornamental pools. If it is deepened between 120-150 cm in some areas of the pools, it will be sufficient to use a filter instead of a UV lamp.