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Vertical Plantation

The green dressing of the walls is done by vertical planting in order to enliven the buildings and entrances both outside and inside, to color them, to separate them from each other and make them independent. With the use of vertical plants, the environment is quickly greened without waiting for the plants to wrap the walls.

In vertical planting, chambers are formed to hold the soil and plants into the steel construction, the steel construction created by fixing the galvanized metal mesh surface is mounted on the concrete wall of the construction created by fixing the galvanized metal mesh surface and the plants are connected to the desired design parallel to the ground. The special mixture prepared as 36 plants per m² is planted in the soil.

Vertical planting is easy to maintain, you can see a different color and flower movement every month of the year.

Benefits of Vertical Planting The vertical planting of any wall anywhere in the world should not be considered only as a landscape application. Considering that we are experiencing ecological problems and green areas are decreasing, vertical planting application is of great importance especially for designers who want to reproduce green. With this method, protective spaces are created within the biological diversity of plants. By moving nature to places, people are provided with nature in daily life.

In addition to creating ecological benefits and visual feast, vertical gardens create a natural insulation in buildings against sound and heat. They protect from cold in winter, from heat in summer, and act as a shield against sound pollution. In addition, the leaves have a broad air purification feature thanks to the roots and microorganisms.

How to Plan Vertical Planting? It is possible to turn the wall surfaces into a garden both indoors and outdoors. The plants we will choose in the art of greening the buildings must be suitable for climate and maintenance conditions. If this application will be indoors, we must choose according to the light condition of the environment. We will need lighting elements in the form of shadows. In vertical planting, ready potted plates or iron constructions are used.

The advanced technology presents the irrigation systems with the insulation materials to us in the ready containers where we will place the plants. Our dream is to force our dreams to choose the plants and decorate our wall. Whether it is plants that embrace the floral or green leaf wall, let’s decide to feel the forest in the city. After these stages, you can now imagine living in a giant tree.