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Lighting Elements

Landscape lighting greatly enhances the beauty of both residential and public spaces. It allows the use of these places at night as well as during the day and gives the landscape a fascinating dimension. In order to create an outdoor lighting design, it is necessary to determine all the elements that are desired or should be seen at night in the landscape. The design of these elements should then be planned using light intensities or brightness levels and techniques.

Landscape lighting serves two purposes, safety and aesthetics. Sometimes, in one project, one of these elements may be more important than the other. However, wherever possible, it is necessary to add safety elements in pleasant-looking illumination dictated by aesthetics.

  • The characteristic features of the plant such as texture, leaf type, branching form, fleece color, branch / stem and flowering characteristics, light demands, growth rate and winter condition direct the technique of illumination.
  • These elements serve as the focal point in a landscape area. The meaning of the sculpture or monumental element in landscape design and its relation with other elements should be illuminated.
  • Successful facade lighting not only integrates the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also integrates this structure with the entire landscape design and creates a comfortable environment.
  • Road and Stair Lighting: It is the illumination of the roads and stairs where transportation and circulation are directed and realized in a landscape area.
  • Natural streams, ponds, waterfalls, ornamental pools, fountains and swimming pools are frequently used in landscape studies. Illumination to highlight these elements at night adds value to the space. It is possible to create lighting options with different luminaire selections.
  • Signposts provide information about the use of a landscape area, direct pedestrian and vehicle traffic. For this reason, sign plate lighting is extremely important in night-time areas.